Create change with Leafy Sheets

At Leafy Sheets, we discovered the power of eco-friendly laundry sheets through thorough research and exploration. Our products offer the following key advantages:

Eco-friendly Solutions

Our products are designed to provide practical advantages for a more sustainable lifestyle. Through in-depth research and exploration, we unveiled the potential of eco-friendly detergent sheets.

Plastic-free Future

We provide 100% plastic-free and eco-conscious products. These products contribute to a cleaner and greener environment without relying on plastic materials.

Extended Shelf Life

We ensure the effectiveness and quality of our products for 36 months from the date of purchase.

Biodegradable Packaging

We believe in reducing environmental impact right from the packaging stage. We strive to reduce environmental impact through recyclable products.

Cruelty-free Products

Our cruelty-free products allow you to enjoy guilt-free cleaning. We prioritise ethical practices for our cleaning solutions without compromising on our commitment to animal welfare.

Additionally, enjoy the following benefits when you choose Leafy Sheets:

Free shipping on orders $80 and above
100% secure online payment
60 days money back
Hassle-free refund
Proudly Australian owned

Our products help you make a difference and embrace a sustainable, eco-friendly future. With us, you can say goodbye to conventional detergents and opt for guilt-free cleaning. Order laundry sheets and dishwashing sheets online and be part of the positive change we all need. To know more about our products in Australia, feel free to contact us on 0484 689 182 or email us at